Top 10 Food Processing Companies in India

India’s food processing industry is a crucial sector of the economy, transforming agricultural products into value-added food items. This industry not only supports the agricultural sector but also provides a significant source of employment and contributes to economic growth. Here, we explore the top 10 food processing companies in India, highlighting their key products, market presence, and contributions to the industry.

1. Nestlé India

Nestlé India, a subsidiary of the global food and beverage giant Nestlé, is one of the leading food processing companies in India. Established in 1961, the company has a diverse product portfolio that includes dairy products, beverages, infant nutrition, and prepared dishes.

HeadquartersGurugram, Haryana
Key ProductsMaggi, Nescafé, KitKat, Milkmaid
Market PresencePan-India with a strong rural and urban presence
Revenue₹14,609 crore (2020)
Notable AchievementsStrong brand equity, extensive distribution network
Nestlé India-Top 10 Food Processing Companies in India

2. Amul

Amul, managed by the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), is a leading dairy cooperative in India. Founded in 1946, Amul has been instrumental in the White Revolution, making India one of the largest producers of milk and milk products.

HeadquartersAnand, Gujarat
Key ProductsMilk, butter, cheese, ice cream
Market PresenceNationwide, with a significant export market
Revenue₹52,000 crore (2021)
Notable AchievementsPioneered the White Revolution, strong cooperative model
Amul-Top 10 Food Processing Companies in India

3. Britannia Industries

Britannia Industries is one of India’s oldest and most trusted food companies, established in 1892. The company is well-known for its wide range of biscuits, dairy products, and bakery items.

HeadquartersBengaluru, Karnataka
Key ProductsBiscuits, bread, cakes, dairy products
Market PresenceExtensive distribution network across India
Revenue₹11,878 crore (2020)
Notable AchievementsLeading brand in biscuits, strong product innovation
Britannia Industries-Top 10 Food Processing Companies in India

4. ITC Limited – Foods Division

ITC Limited’s Foods Division, part of the diversified conglomerate ITC, is a major player in the Indian food processing industry. The division offers a wide array of products, including staples, snacks, and ready-to-eat foods.

Founded2000 (Foods Division)
HeadquartersKolkata, West Bengal
Key ProductsAashirvaad atta, Sunfeast biscuits, Bingo! snacks
Market PresenceStrong urban and rural distribution
Revenue₹11,543 crore (2020)
Notable AchievementsDiverse product range, strong brand presence
ITC Limited – Foods Division-Top 10 Food Processing Companies in India

5. Parle Products

Parle Products, established in 1929, is a household name in India known for its biscuits and confectionery. Parle-G, its flagship product, is one of the best-selling biscuits globally.

HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra
Key ProductsParle-G biscuits, Monaco, Krackjack, confectionery
Market PresenceExtensive reach across India and international markets
Revenue₹10,000 crore (estimated)
Notable AchievementsIconic brand with high consumer loyalty
Parle Products-Top 10 Food Processing Companies in India

6. Haldiram’s

Haldiram’s, founded in 1937, is a leading manufacturer of Indian sweets and snacks. The company has a significant presence in both domestic and international markets.

HeadquartersNagpur, Maharashtra
Key ProductsNamkeen, sweets, ready-to-eat snacks
Market PresenceStrong national and international presence
Revenue₹7,130 crore (2019)
Notable AchievementsHigh brand recognition, extensive product range
Haldiram’s-Top 10 Food Processing Companies in India

7. MTR Foods

MTR Foods, established in 1924, is renowned for its traditional Indian packaged foods. The company offers a variety of ready-to-eat meals, breakfast mixes, and spices.

HeadquartersBengaluru, Karnataka
Key ProductsReady-to-eat meals, breakfast mixes, spices
Market PresenceStrong presence in South India and expanding nationally
Revenue₹900 crore (estimated)
Notable AchievementsPioneer in ready-to-eat segment, strong brand loyalty
MTR Foods-Top 10 Food Processing Companies in India

8. PepsiCo India

PepsiCo India, a subsidiary of PepsiCo Inc., is a major player in the food and beverage industry in India. The company produces a wide range of snacks and beverages under well-known brands.

HeadquartersGurugram, Haryana
Key ProductsLays, Kurkure, Quaker Oats, Tropicana
Market PresenceNationwide distribution network
RevenueNot publicly disclosed
Notable AchievementsStrong brand portfolio, extensive marketing reach
PepsiCo India-Top 10 Food Processing Companies in India

9. Dabur India

Dabur India, established in 1884, is one of the leading FMCG companies in India with a significant presence in the food processing industry. The company’s food division offers a range of health supplements, juices, and other food products.

HeadquartersGhaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
Key ProductsReal fruit juices, Chyawanprash, honey
Market PresenceStrong national and international presence
Revenue₹8,704 crore (2020)
Notable AchievementsStrong focus on health and wellness, trusted brand
Dabur India-Top 10 Food Processing Companies in India

10. Godrej Agrovet

Godrej Agrovet, part of the Godrej Group, is a diversified agribusiness company with a significant presence in the food processing sector. The company produces a variety of food products including animal feed, dairy, and processed foods.

HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra
Key ProductsAnimal feed, dairy products, processed foods
Market PresenceStrong presence in rural and urban markets
Revenue₹6,812 crore (2020)
Notable AchievementsDiversified product portfolio, strong rural penetration
Godrej Agrovet-Top 10 Food Processing Companies in India


1. What is food processing?

Food processing involves transforming raw ingredients into finished food products through various physical and chemical processes. This includes methods such as cleaning, cutting, cooking, freezing, and packaging to make food more convenient, shelf-stable, and palatable.

2. Why is the food processing industry important in India?

The food processing industry is vital in India as it adds value to agricultural products, reduces wastage, creates employment opportunities, enhances farmers’ income, and provides a wide range of food products to consumers. It also contributes significantly to the country’s GDP and export earnings.

3. What are some key products of Nestlé India?

Some key products of Nestlé India include Maggi noodles, Nescafé coffee, KitKat chocolates, Milkmaid condensed milk, and Cerelac infant cereal. These products have a strong market presence and are popular among Indian consumers.

4. How has Amul contributed to India’s dairy industry?

Amul has been instrumental in India’s White Revolution, making the country one of the largest producers of milk and milk products. It operates a successful cooperative model, ensuring fair prices for farmers and delivering high-quality dairy products to consumers.

5. What makes Britannia Industries a leading food processing company?

Britannia Industries is a leading food processing company due to its extensive range of products, including biscuits, bread, cakes, and dairy items. The company’s focus on innovation, quality, and strong distribution network has helped it maintain a dominant position in the market.

6. What is ITC Limited’s Foods Division known for?

ITC Limited’s Foods Division is known for its wide array of products, including Aashirvaad atta (flour), Sunfeast biscuits, Bingo! snacks, and Yippee! noodles. The division has a strong presence in both urban and rural markets, offering high-quality food products.

Parle-G biscuit is popular due to its affordability, taste, and nutritional value. It has been a staple snack in Indian households for decades and enjoys strong brand loyalty. Parle-G is also one of the best-selling biscuits globally.

8. How has Haldiram’s expanded its product range and market presence?

Haldiram’s has expanded its product range to include a variety of Indian sweets, snacks, and ready-to-eat meals. The company has also established a significant international presence, exporting its products to various countries and catering to the Indian diaspora.

Popular products of MTR Foods include ready-to-eat meals, breakfast mixes, spices, and instant mixes. MTR is known for its traditional Indian flavors and convenience, making it a trusted brand in many households.

10. How has PepsiCo India diversified its product offerings?

PepsiCo India has diversified its product offerings by producing a range of snacks such as Lays and Kurkure, as well as beverages like Tropicana juices and Quaker Oats. This diversification has helped the company cater to a broad consumer base and maintain a strong market presence.

11. What is Dabur India known for in the food processing industry?

Dabur India is known for its health supplements, fruit juices, and other food products. The company focuses on health and wellness, offering products like Real fruit juices, Dabur Chyawanprash, and honey, which are popular among health-conscious consumers.

12. How does Godrej Agrovet contribute to the food processing sector?

Godrej Agrovet contributes to the food processing sector through its diverse range of products, including animal feed, dairy products, and processed foods. The company has a strong presence in both rural and urban markets, supporting agricultural development and food security.



India’s food processing industry is thriving, with companies like Nestlé India, Amul, and Britannia Industries leading the way. These companies have successfully combined traditional values with modern technology to offer a diverse range of products that cater to the tastes and preferences of Indian consumers. As the industry continues to grow, these companies are likely to play an even more significant role in shaping the future of food processing in India, contributing to economic growth and enhancing the quality of life for millions.

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