Amitabh Kant Advocates for Rapid Expansion of Fast Chargers to Drive EV Adoption in India

In a push towards accelerating India’s electric vehicle (EV) transition, G20 sherpa and former NITI Aayog CEO, Amitabh Kant, has emphasized the critical need for at least one million fast chargers in the country by 2030. Kant’s assertion underscores the essential infrastructure required to facilitate widespread EV adoption and reduce reliance on traditional fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

India has witnessed a significant surge in EV sales, with numbers nearly doubling in 2023, according to Counterpoint Research. With a projected 66 percent growth expected this year, factors such as increasing consumer interest, supportive government initiatives, and ongoing infrastructure development are driving this momentum.

Kant advocates for a strategic shift towards localized manufacturing to meet the burgeoning demand for EVs, emphasizing the importance of megawatt-hour charging solutions tailored for buses and commercial vehicles. He took to a microblogging platform to urge EV players and startups to collaborate in establishing an interoperable fast-charging network, stressing its pivotal role in bolstering the EV movement across the nation.

Highlighting India’s prowess as the world’s largest exporter of two-wheelers, Kant envisions a future dominated by electric mobility. He encourages homegrown companies to capitalize on the surging global demand for electric two-wheelers by focusing on manufacturing for international markets.

Addressing an industry event, Kant reiterated the transformative potential of India’s automotive sector, which significantly contributes to the country’s GDP, manufacturing output, and total exports. Recognizing the sector’s strategic importance, he underscores the need for concerted efforts towards sustainable and technologically advanced mobility solutions.

As India charts its course towards a greener and more sustainable transportation ecosystem, Kant’s advocacy for robust infrastructure, localized manufacturing, and collaborative industry initiatives serves as a rallying call for stakeholders to collectively drive the EV revolution forward. With ambitious targets and concerted action, India stands poised to emerge as a global leader in electric mobility in the years to come.

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